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Data Logger (POWER MARC)

  • XW-EPB-N30, XW-EPB-T30
  • An integrated measuring device for monitoring power which monitors, and notifies a user of, power abnormalities such as power outages, earth leakages, and surges in real time


  • Automatically record real-time abnormalities such as power outage, earth leakage, and surge
  • Leakage current and operating current can be checked in real time
  • Immediate notification through the administrator's PC or mobile phone text message when the earth leakage breaker trips

External dimension drawing


Model XW-EPB-N30 (Field type) XW-EPB-T30 (Communication type)
Communication Not available RS232/422/485
Power AC 220V (Main power) / DC 9~20V (External battery connection, For information check when main power is cut off) AC 220V
Display 7-segment 7-segment / Remote check by communication method
Function Number of outages Number of power cut off, count when cut off more than 50 ms (excluding earth leakage breaker trip due to surge or earth leakage)
Count 0 to 99 times
Number of earth leakage The number of earth leakage breaker trips due to a earth leakage
Count 0 to 99 times
Number of surge When higher than surge current 1 kA or surge voltage 2 kV
Count 0 to 99 times
Leakage current Display of leakage current value generated from the load side
Measurement range : 5~30 mA (±2 mA)
Operating current Display of operating current value in use consumed on the load side
Measurement range : 0.1 ~ 30 A (±0.3A)
Size 51 (W) X 90 (L) X 60 (H) [mm]

Representative project

Local governments

Daejeon Traffic Signal Controller

Government department

Korea Expressway Corporation (Namicheon IC)


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Construction photo #02


Construction photo #03