As a specialized company in the electric/power field,
XENIXWIN will provide the best solutions based on various achievements and technologies.


XENIXWIN provides a solution that can prevent electrical hazards by providing accurate data
fast to users on various electrical phenomena in the fields of electric and power facilities.

We are constantly researching various signal analyzing methods for this, and furthermore, we will move forward
with the goal of providing the best maintenance technology through incorporation into IoT technology.

Research vision

  • We are developing into a specialized electric and information communication company by researching and developing with the goal of providing 365 days of uninterrupted electricity supply by preventing unnecessary power outages on the lines through continuous research on technology to prevent malfunction of earth leakage breakers.
  • We promise to continuously challenge R&D by detecting various electrical phenomena occurring in the most basic and important electricity and power facilities in the fastest and most accurate way.
  • XENIXWIN improves product competitiveness with the continuous research and the accumulated technical solutions to prevent electricity hazards such as lightning, surge, impulse current, noise, etc.

Development mission

  • Diversification of a method of analyzing the causes of trips by ELB

    - Apart from the conventional analog current measurement method, it collects various signal data that causes trip such as current amount and waveform.

    - Equipped with an independent analysis algorithm for the collected signal data.

  • Detecting various causes of malfunction through data analysis and eliminating unnecessary trip operation

    - Developing accurate cause analysis technology for lightning/surge, earth leakage, power failure, etc. beyond simple electric leakage detection

    - Improved accuracy and reliability by removing malfunction elements based on the analyzed cause

  • Implementing a high-speed control system using digital signal processing

    - Developed sensor circuit for analyzing various electrical phenomena

    - Optimizing operation speed through digital processing of sensor signal

  • Implementing IoT-based technology using data communication

    - Implemented user information service technology using Bluetooth/LAN/WCDMA modem, etc.